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An upcoming Action Puzzle Game experience!

Fight it out in this new Action Puzzle game!

Battle with your friends as each of you slide the Sol Stone puzzle pieces! Make matches of 4 or more Stones as fast as you can to attack the other players. If you are really skilled, try for combos and chains of 5 or more Stones to deal heavier attacks!

Sol Stones
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  • Adventure Mode
  • Three different types of gameplay
  • Play online against people across the world
  • Many different characters to choose from
  • Play alone, with the CPU, or with up to 3 other players
  • Google Play integration for achievements


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  • You can opt out of these notifications at any point.

Quick Facts and Support

🎮 PLATFORMS: PC, Android
📚 GENRE: Action puzzle
🧒 AGE RATING: Not rated
👥 MULTIPLAYER: 2-4 Players, Local, LAN/Bluetooth, Online
🌎 LANGUAGES: English